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Developing Your Food Philosophy

book_order-now_WEB-bannerWhat is a food philosophy? A food philosophy is how we see food and the value we place on it everyday. What is the purpose of food in your life? Is it a multi use item? It is the friend that won’ t talk back or criticize you? Is food something you use when you are  bored? Is it for nourishment and building a strong body or is it the necessary burden that drains your time, money and other resources?

Knowing the answers to these questions will allow us to begin the process of putting food in prospective and using it to restore the body and sustain overall wellness. How do you do food? When do you eat? Who prepares your food and how much food do you eat everyday? What triggers your need for food and how often?

A Healthy Food Philosophy

My personal food philosophy began to shape the day I realized that there is a connection between what I eat and how I feel. You can read more of my food journey on this link. (Food Journey).  I was basically killing myself with the fork. Today if I had to boil it down to three words, it would be “FOOD IS POWER”. Whoever does your food has power over you!

The original diet as outlined in scripture helps us realize that food is power. It is our first line of defense against disease. The Seventh Discipline of the book The Seven Disciplines of Wellness helps us with making the permanent change needed in order to be well.

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