The Once-In-Awhile Diet

On the eve of Thanksgiving, 2014, I wanted to share a tip that has been very beneficial for many of my clients. We want to enjoy the holiday, but we do not want to loose ground on our wellness lifestyle.

The tip is quite simple:

“It is not want you do once-in-awhile that counts, it is want you do everyday. ” –– Surina Ann Jordan

The once-in-awhile diet encourages us to eat poor meals less and eat healthy meals every day. If we eat these nutrient-rich meals and snacks every day, then Thanksgiving day fits the once-in-awhile category, affording us the opportunity to eat some of whatever we choose. Knowing full well that we do not eat like this everyday, our discipline should help us not gorge or stuff ourselves and select small portions of “whatever”. It also means that tomorrow we return to our normal healthy choices and decisions around food. So doggy bags and left-overs do not come home with you! Clear them out!

The following day, we return to our plant-based diet, exercising the principals in Discipline Seven, which is: to Eat and Drink Real Food.

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